Our Mission

MSU Students United is an independent organization at Michigan State University. We oppose institutionalized racism and other forms of oppression both within the University and outside of it. We are a collection of students, alumni, and community members that operate with the principles of accessibility, direct democracy, consent, community, direct action, and education as a social good.

We aim to end systems of oppression both within in our group and within society as a whole. We are fighting for the liberation of all people. We recognize that it is the same systems that disproportionately imprison people of color, trans* folk, and other marginalized identities that also segregates our school system and largely excludes these same identities from our colleges. We are against Rape Culture and dismissal by the university of Sexual Assault. These are just a few examples of the oppressive systems which govern our society and benefit a small few.

We believe that the current top-down model, which favors an administrative elite over students, student employees, faculty, maintenance workers, and others, should be replaced with a more democratic model.

We believe we have the right to decide where our tuition dollars are spent, when tuition rates increase and what policies govern the student body. We believe that we have the right to be directly involved how our school is run.

Fighting to change a university that is run from the top down is an important step in fighting to change a society that is run from the top down.

Our struggle is not isolated, and we stand in solidarity with all people and groups fighting for our collective liberation.


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